The Good Place | Season 3 review!

 The Good Place |  Season 3 review!

Hello, my name is Michael! And this is the commonplace.

Yes, exactly, after a boom freshness for the comedies and a breath of novelty that was marked in the first seasons, The Good Place, it seems that it has stagnated, it is not even in the good place, but it is also not in the bad place.

The series, in this third year, had everything to change and dare, after all, our favorite humans and the demon Michael, would leave for Terra, try to change their lives, and finally, arrive at Bom Lugar.

Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, and Jameela Jamil in The Good Place (2016)The Good Place – Third Season | Photo: NBC / Netflix

But the season, was marked by giant ups and downs, with episodes where, the story never leaves the place, and when we had some progress, and we took two steps, to then return and take another four back. Clear, The Good Place, continued to deliver fun, funny and delicious episodes, but no more, at the same pace and frequency as before. The writers here were stuck in the same formula, that of erasing the memory of the characters and recreating the same situations seen, for three seasons, marked by crazy plans, “Welcome to Bom Lugar”, presentation of the neighborhood, party at the Mansion of Tahani, etc.

The new year, at least, knew how to better explore the dynamics between the characters, and we saw a greater emphasis on the Janet (D’Arcy Carden, fantastic) and for Michael (Ted Danson, finally recognized in the awards!) that interacted very well in the first part of the season, when monitoring the points of humans on Earth, marked by good episodes 3 × 01 – Everything Is Bonzer! and 3 × 04 – Jeremy Bearimy. Thus, we saw advances, too, in the relationships between Eleanor (Kristen Bell, always good) and Chidi (William Jackson Harper), and of course, the go and turn of Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jason (Manny Jacinto).

The Good Place – Third Season | Photo: NBC / Netflix

But, in that third year, it also seems that the entire adventure of the characters on Earth was a shot in the foot of the series, where The Good Place, also made dragging episodes that always circulated in the same plot, as the episodes, 3 × 07 – The Worst Possible Use of Free Wil and 3 × 08 – Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By. Then, deliver us in the last episode of 2018, the spectacular and hilarious 3 × 09 – Janet (s), where we see Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason, trapped in Janet’s safe and each assume a version of the assistant, not a robot, not a woman, in a chapter full of fun and memorable moments.

In the final stretch, of course, The Good Place, even meshes, with episodes that try to change the status quo from what we saw at the beginning of the season, as Michael finds a reason why humans (and almost nobody!) have been in the Good Place for years. And that’s what we like about The Good Placand, small daydreams about seemingly serious issues, but that the series poses in a simple, fun and uncomplicated way.

And of course, of the special appearances, which this year were marked by the return of Maya Rudolph, such as Judge, Mike O’Malley like a heavenly doorman, Adam Scott, the incarnate demon and also the participation of Nicole Byer (like a wallet in Bom Lugar) and Kirby Howell-Baptiste (like Chidi’s girlfriend).

So, the combo formed by the great, 3 × 10 – The Book of Dougs, where we see, a glimpse of the Good Place for the first time, and our main couple Eleanor and Chidi, advance in their relationship and the spirited 3 × 11 – Chidi Sees the Time Knife, where we see the Judge (the great Maya Rudolph) decide how the group’s new endeavor will prove to prove Michael’s theory about the points that allow entry into the Good Place, left us with hope for the future of the series and what would come next there.

But the end of the season, 3 × 12 – Pandemonium, it seems that Michael is the screenwriters’ own personification, having a panic attack and feeling that he cannot command the new neighborhood. So, the last chapter, has a beaten script, looking like a mid-season episode, without a sense of urgency, and almost without any hook that gets us excited for next year. Not even the expectation of knowing who the next residents of the new neighborhood created and led by the group to test Michael’s plans are, seem to make us want to return with the series.

Kristen Bell and Brandon Scott Jones in The Good Place (2016)The Good Place – Third Season | Photo: NBC / Netflix

We will be back, of course, but not with the same excitement as Jason, would have when seeing a Pikachu balloon, or Tahani, upon receiving a VIP invitation to an exclusive party, a Chidi when finding a philosophy book, or even Eleanor, in being able to get along at someone’s expense. So for the fourth season of The Good Place, we expect courage from the writers to change and shake things up a little bit on the show. Janet! Hi, we need help, please!

The Good Place it has already been renewed for a new year that should arrive between September or October.