The Good Fight | 4 × 03 – The Gang Gets a Call From HR

 The Good Fight |  4 × 03 - The Gang Gets a Call From HR

The Good Fight continues to instigate dialogue on major themes, but it still created a very interesting plot with the arrival of Firth and all the drama involving Memo 618, which leaves everyone concerned about how things can happen, as Charlotte and Julius are tense with this story.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Diane wants to understand more about the case that she is working on, but all the documents were simply deleted, the case number is not in any system and Julius only asks her to look for Adrian’s girlfriend. On this journey she discovers Memo 618, sees that Charlotte has been put on trial and is tense when the memo number is quoted by Diane, and not even Canning knows what’s going on, getting lost in the matter.

She is intrigued and searching on her computer connected to the company network she starts to be pruned under the term Memo 618. Jay enters the subject and finds out that from home he can search normally and explains to her that someone connected to Firth is hacking the research on the memo …

At the same time, with Adrian connected to Charlotte and Diane investigating Memo 618, Human Resources begins to pick on everyone there about the terms used in the company and there is a declaration of zero tolerance over words and prejudice. Adrian uses the word “n” for them offensive and they start an investigation over him and there is the discussion about offense and the resinification of such an offensive word.

And Adrian asks Marisa to research who might be Firth’s spy on their floor, taking all the information about what happens there to the upper floor. She then approaches Caleb in an attempt to understand if he is the spy, but ends up connecting too much with him.

The Good Fight draw your plot and put your characters out of their comfort zone and I want to understand their dramas and how everything is discussed. I really hope that Lucca has more space.