The Good Fight | 4 × 01 – The Gang Deals with Alternate Reality

 The Good Fight |  4 × 01 - The Gang Deals with Alternate Reality

Speaking more about politics than ever, The Good Fight reinvents itself by placing the characters in a world where Hillary Clinton came out victorious over Donald Trump and running for re-election, but there are complicated things too, like Harvey Weinstein not have been accused of rape, without the #MeToo movement.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Christine Baranski and their laughter is wonderful and with her Diane waking up a beautiful day from a dream that Trump was president, it makes everyone concerned, so the episode focuses a lot on the company taking Weinstein as a customer and talking about what they think would be different if Hillary was elected.

Liz doesn’t understand what’s going on in Diane’s mind and even finds it strange that she talks about the rumors about her father, because here Carl Reddick was not accused of rape, Lucca doesn’t believe in this madness and goes to Weinstein who does everything that Diane said that would do, including appearing in a bathrobe with nothing underneath. Marisa is the one who laughs the most and has fun with all this.

The point is that this focus on Diane’s head comes after the end of season 3 and she only begins to remember things and to have clarity of events when she comes face to face with Chris Lima at his home and he also knows that Trump is the president. She then runs after Kurt and begins to imagine that he is dead.

It is then that we see the entry of SWAT and Kurt worried about Diane who had a crisis and is being supported by him and police officer Lima.

The Good Fight will deepen the SWAT invasion and the reason for it all, but in addition, the episode made it clear how formidable the entire cast is and that even though things are happening as we hope, sometimes it may not be the best, because here, with Hillary in power , begin to silence women so as not to hinder their reelection, as they do not want men seeing women as angry and spiteful.