The Good Fight | 3 × 10 – The One About the End of the World [Season Finale]

 The Good Fight |  3 × 10 - The One About the End of the World [Season Finale]

The Good Fight ends his season consistently and putting everyone out of his comfort zone. The most interesting is the way they need Maia and she ends up staying with Blum, creating a new situation for the character, who ends up entering a plot that we do not know the paths that should follow next year, in which Rose Leslie does not Returns.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The whole romantic process of Kurt and Diane is a delightful ride on the scene. The way he ends up being invited to a speech by Trump and Diane getting pissed, only to see on TV afterwards that he was taken off for not being very excited, was great. He managed to go and still please his wife. But the end of the episode has interesting consequences to be unfolded, since the SWAT invading their apartment was tense.

In addition, Diane’s “Book Club” can yield more tense moments, especially now that Marissa and Jay are involved. The way the club exposed a congressman and he killed himself, was against everything that everyone there is fighting for, since they want changes and the club people are using the same tricks as Trump, putting fake news and exposure.

Shown intensely during the season, Liz is yet to see more of the family dramas exposed, while Adrian will do his best to protect her, since he did make perjury.

Returning to Maia, his union with Blum was well used and they developed their new ascension well, but it was evident that they lost their hand. The point now is that she is satisfied with the new destiny she has been experiencing and will focus on doing her best, including going to Washington with Blum, as he can no longer work as a lawyer there.

The Good Fight it has a sensational drive and its cast is exquisite, which only increases the quality of this drama with a round script and full of incredible strips, the best that the King couple can deliver to us.