The Good Fight | 3 × 09 – The One Where the Sun Comes Out

 The Good Fight |  3 × 09 - The One Where the Sun Comes Out

One step away from your season finale, The Good Fight puts Maia in the spotlight again and brings all the problems to the fore. Sunlight can bring good things, but no one will be safe from having severe headaches.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

I loved seeing Maia being approached by Blum and alongside him creating Blum, Rindell & Associates, even taking her friend Lily into the project, but doing whatever was necessary to satisfy the luxury of Blum, who loses customers for not having one office.

Blum does his best to involve Maia in his problems as he learns of his connections with Marissa and everyone at Boseman, Reddick & Lockhart, and when summoned to give information about perjury and false testimony, he puts Maia on the move, as she would burn the own name. Only she uses information discovered in a chat with Marissa to her advantage.

So we have the truth coming out and Marissa feeling destroyed when she sees what Maia did, even though she said she didn’t use the information to hit her, but that she needed to do something.

Ultimately Blum loses his license to practice, and I don’t know how Maia could have protected himself from that …

At the same time, inside the firm we have Chumhum intervening to see where there are harassment problems and discover problems of racism, but small things within the problems that Chumhum could have, but which could give problems to members. It is interesting to see all aspects talking and how each one deals with the situation.

The problem is that Gross had already decided to leave the firm, and that is a huge blow to them. A lot of money involved.

And at the Book Club, Diane shows that Valerie is a lie, but they believe in the cause more than that, and with the death of one person, Diane and Liz decide to leave everything behind, only Rachelle will not let it happen so easy. . I want to see when they find out that the NSA is after them.

The Good Fight promises and I already want to know how they will get out of all these problems, especially how Maia will deal with all this, because she let Blum enter her mind.