The Good Fight | 3 × 06 – The One with the Celebrity Divorce

 The Good Fight |  3 × 06 - The One with the Celebrity Divorce

And first lady Melania Trump got on the subject of The Good Fight, but would she be the real one or an imposter? The issue is complex and comes after the copy of Donald Trump’s golden shower, which the firm owned. Furthermore, Blum seems to be increasingly connected to Boseman, Reddick and Lockhart, even considering Blum & Boseman …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

So right from the start we have Lucca being approached by Wade V (Tituss Burgess), a celebrity hairstylist who brings a divorce case that initially makes Lucca and Jay think it might be a millionaire involving Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, only that everything turns when the contacts seem to lead to Melania Trump. Of course, they consider being an impostor, but things end up making it seem like it is something real and that it involves a divorce before the 2020 elections, since she would lose everything.

In the end we ended up in doubt about being real (within the plot of the series) or if it is even an imposter who just wants to get his hands on the video of Trump’s golden shower that the firm has in its possession. I’m already looking forward to Ruth’s return (Margo Martindale), who is involved in the campaign and was with the tape.

Furthermore, everything can suggest that the Book Club of Diane is being monitored, so this arrival of a Melania to the company, since they talked about it in one of their meetings.

Blum continues to mess with everyone and manages to mess with Marissa, who even sings a song, “One“, And makes metaphors concerning him, including one between him and Satan. The fact ends Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter) getting involved and being happy to have Blum among them, as he likes his genius. And with Blum getting a place for his son at a competitive school, and also bringing more money to the firm, with the right to present Vernon Jordan Julius and Adrian.

With everyone drooling over Blum, Diane starts to get irritated, with the right to confront him in his ax club, and he still makes it clear that they are more alike than she can assume. Other than that, I loved seeing Diane choosing a set of custom axes, and getting into the new sport head on to get things out of her head.

The Good Fight remains intense and bringing interesting questions for the development of the season, even though we hate Blum more and more.