The Good Fight | 3 × 01 – The One About the Recent Troubles

 The Good Fight |  3 × 01 - The One About the Recent Troubles

Carl Reddick!

The most interesting thing about this season return is that almost everything is new, The Good Fight restarted several plots, but leaving the taste of some moments to be treated later. Here it was time to talk about the great man Carl Reddick, Liz’s father and great name for civil rights.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

All the development and the way they show Reddick how a great man is being destroyed during the episode, by putting Marisa and Jay to make a video for the firm’s website and discovering that he harassed women, and Cinthia was only the first.

The contours, the way the countless points of view are discussed, how they try to make the woman’s word invalid, but the series never lets it happen, reinforce that they must listen to her and move on. When talking to Cinthia we have a woman who suffered, and Wendy also ends up joining the game. Both have strong conversations with Liz, as she is the stalker’s daughter.

So we have the contract for them to never talk about what happened (NDA, with the right to an animated short) and receive a sum. Liz is devastated by her father’s story and Adrian goes out of his way to comfort her, and especially to show that he didn’t know, the point is that there is more behind it and I think they should touch on the subject later.

And behold, Maya also had her moments and they were good, since she starts to have more active voice and be in charge of her own life. And who better than Marisa to give her a shake and make her see, even if the light gets in the way of a corneal problem, that she can be more.

Lucca also stood out, showed his relationship with his mother-in-law in raising his son, and until an embarrassing moment for Julius, who was embarrassed to see her expressing milk for her son. She starts to have other responsibilities, and Adrian, Julius and Diane offer the Divorces department for her to manage.

Diane takes many moments on her back, and this is because of Christine Baranski always rock the scene. His problem with Kurt, who appreciates being cheating on women, turns out to be more political, as he has been hanging out with Donald Trump Junior, and still gets hurt in one of these outings, as he is hired to control and use the weapons. hunting.

The political part will return with everything in the next episodes, since Diane takes Tara’s case to Naomi and we must have the news on television, since she was paid to have an abortion. I want to see more of how it all unfolds.

The Good Fight returns strong, independent, interesting and full of plots that has everything to develop in an intense way as the series always does. Cast remains very sharp.