The Good Doctor | 3 × 20 – I Love You [Season Finale]

 The Good Doctor |  3 × 20 - I Love You [Season Finale]

The Good Doctor came to a very emotional end of the season, after all, the earthquake came to stir everyone’s emotions. Shaun went through a lot during that year, evolved a lot, learned a lot, faced his own fears and seeks love in Lea, but it is the departure of a person from the cast that has moved things a lot now.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Unfortunately Melendez had a serious internal fracture and did not survive … The characters’ farewell to him did not move me so much, despite putting everyone there with an open heart to say goodbye. Claire and Lim suffered a lot, even though he was very calm with the situation. I think the two will be very supportive next year.

Glassman had warned Morgan about her hands and the surgery, Andrews made it clear for her not to get involved with the patients and if she was going to do that, use the nurses, but she couldn’t stand to see a pregnant woman’s pain and put herself in front of her. surgery.

Andrews then talked to her removing her from surgery and finishing her and made it clear that she didn’t think she was going to put a patient above her career, leaving her happy with the compliments, only that they came bad news, she coming out of her rest and recovery ended his own career, as it ended everything that was done in the hands.

Park spent the entire episode with Casey not to leave him suffering alone and there he learned more about love, strength and courage, and with the death of the boy who hallucinated thinking he was his father and said intense things, he decides go over to Mia and her son… Let’s see how far he’ll let things go. Crying talking to his son was very intense.

Shaun, who was trapped with Vera in the basement of the restaurant, had to amputate the woman’s leg underwater and leave with her still alive inside. The point is that he shows that he has changed a little more, that he is overcoming himself and with that Lea saw more things in him and understood that he can try to give this intense love a chance. Let’s see how far they’ll go with this.

The Good Doctor made a final season event to move things around and made us say goodbye to Nicholas Gonzalez. Things are going to change a lot in the next year, but Melendez’s departure was a little necessary, as his stories didn’t go far and putting him with Kim or Claire was little for how much they sold the character. In this one I hope that Andrews will develop more.