The Good Doctor | 3 × 17 – Fixation

 The Good Doctor |  3 × 17 - Fixation

When Shaun wants something, it goes to the end, but it won’t be this time, and The Good Doctor shows him that he won’t always get what he wants, at the time and the way he wants, especially when it comes to other people’s feelings… wish was a little of the theme of this episode, which brought two interesting plots, as well as moments for other well needed characters.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

He missed Park dealing with his family and seeing his son having anxiety attacks and smoking electronic cigarettes even though he had asthma, makes him go out of his mind. Except that it is talking to the boy who understands that he is increasingly absent from his life, even though he has improved, he has been too focused on the hospital.

I felt that Melendez was a little jealous when she saw Claire approaching Dash, her friend’s widower, who appears for them to enjoy time together. The two of them cooking and she ruining everything was hilarious.

Morgan still do not know how to work very well, because in some episodes they have problems in their hands, in others they forget completely, but at least they ask her to have very sincere dialogues with Shan, without giving them a round and with “fingers” to tell him the truth .

Find someone who loves you the way you are“Morgan.
People always say that, but shouldn’t we be with someone who makes us a better version of ourselves?“, Shaun.

And we have Shaun … He finally talked to Lea, made it clear that he is willing to change for her, and to get better, but she continues to see him for his autism, his needs and need, and even though he stops systematically guarding things, or fighting because of the position of the toilet paper, she doesn’t want to spoil what they have.

Of course, this shock of reality drives him out of his mind, but I thought that until he was kept centered. I want to see if he will lose control in the next episodes.

The Good Doctor still interesting, there is a problem here or there, but in general they move the dramas well and connect us to the characters. Unfortunately the “cases of the day” are interesting at times, and still bring great support actors, like Harold Perrineau and Ever Carradine, but it has plots that are sometimes forgettable.