The Good Doctor | 3 × 15-16 – Unsaid / Autopsy

 The Good Doctor |  3 × 15-16 - Unsaid / Autopsy

The Good Doctor came to mess with Shaun’s feelings and make us intrigued by the ways things will go, as Carly comes to define what she really wants, while Shaun is still pretty confused … And we still had an anonymous tip about the relationship of Claire and Melendez who knew how to divert the author.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

With small gestures, Carly lost her hand with Shaun and understood that he may even love her for who she is, but he really does and almost unconditionally is Lea, and so it’s time for her to go after true love and let it’s clear to Shaun that he must do the same.

His head spins a lot until he realizes that Carly is not the problem, especially with everyone hitting that same key, and in fact the problem is his fear that Lea will reject him and in the end this is what ends up happening. He prepares a romantic dinner, tells what he feels and seeing him without knowing what to say makes it clear to her that she does not love him because he is autistic.

The Good Doctor he knew how to go deep in Shaun’s relationship with his feelings for others, but that side of the character has not yet matured and ended up navigating well in this sense…

Now, as for the other characters, Park took the blame for the complaint and had good conversations with Claire, so that in the end we found out that it was not him but Morgan who denounced her, going a little to the obvious, but leaving something in the air.

Lim with the case of Trinity, the little girl she could have adopted a few years ago, was very cute, but there was something missing in the plot to tie her up better. I hope you return to the topic

The Good Doctor he knows how to make interesting cases of the day, like the mother who became a homeless person and the son only knew that she loved him at the end, or the little boy who didn’t have the vocal cords and Shaun didn’t settle until he gave a speaker to make him speak .

The series is doing very well and is already heading towards the end of the season…