The Good Doctor | 3 × 12 – Mutations

 The Good Doctor |  3 × 12 - Mutations

The mutations spoken in The Good Doctor they were sensational, one taken literally to the patient of the day, while others refer to the variables that can change according to events and decisions.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

I expected more from the meeting between Claire and Shaun when they went to talk about the death of their parents, but it was something quick and dry, even though he gave her an important thought about even though they left, they don’t have to mull over the problems that were theirs. Love stays, but problems tend to disappear faster.

Claire has needed to talk to people more, to open up, and therapy has done her good, I just think the script seems to want to force something more between her and Melendez, and I really hope that it is just a very intense friendship between them.

Morgan has had a good time too, her illness being treated by Glassman ends up causing problems, since the medicine she takes causes a lot of nausea, and I thought it was cool how Andrew found it to pressure her to see her medicine, when putting it on a breakfast with him every Thursday.

Lea ended up being pushed aside by Shaun so he could focus on his relationship with Carly, and they both learn to grow up with it. Carly even seeing that his friend left the house, still has a strange feeling in his chest, and the two need to find a way to solve this. The fact is that Shaun has evolved a lot in the last episodes by taking some of the weight of his past off his back.

The cases of the day were legal, like the man with a genetic mutation who had to put Carly and Shaun to research some treatments that would bring serious complications, but which served to show the doctor that she can indeed take care of patients and do the best for them.

The girl with the brain tumor, who ended up not surviving, showed her mother’s excess of zeal by not wanting her boyfriend close to make her worse, but by showing Claire going over the top, she showed disrespect. When the girl saw that her mother did not fight over it and was even happier, it left her calm. Death surprised me too much, I didn’t expect it to end in a more tragic way.

The Good Doctor it’s cool because we don’t know what can happen in some plots. We can expect a happy ending, but there can always be an unexpected twist.