The Good Doctor | 3 × 11 – Fractured

 The Good Doctor |  3 × 11 - Fractured

The Good Doctor returned for the rest of his season and this return did not deal much with the consequences of Shaun’s father’s death for him, but what happened between him and Lea… But the best thing is that Claire needs to learn to deal with some frustrations.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Shaun’s patient, Morgan and Andrew ended up showing how strong it takes to get what you want. In fact, she fractured her leg and due to an addiction she lived with for years, she decided to do the operations without any kind of interference. I found it very absurd, she just cried and didn’t pass out in pain, and it brought that strength to Shaun to understand that he has to go far.

Andrew was also important to show Shaun that when he loves someone, he will know that it will be forever. He is afraid of ending up alone, and even Dr. Glassman makes it clear that he is very special and that he will never be alone.

That’s what he talks to Carly about having slept hugging Lea in such a sensitive time, but that he loves her. Carly feels uncomfortable and thinks it is better for him to move in alone, and I want to see how it will interfere with the series from here.

Claire finds a patient who has struggled and had to hide drugs in his stomach. Seeking to help him, she is upset even with Park, but she learns that even understanding and wanting to help others, when she breaks her face, it is not her fault, because she did what she felt good, which was to trust others, so the frustration doesn’t have to be hers, because the patient is the one who got involved in problems.

I like the relationship Melendez that puts his heart more sensibly and how Park puts everything logical, black and white, which leaves Claire confused, but knowing what she wants.

The Good Doctor he came back well and needs to expand other dramas and bring more good times among the residents.