The Good Doctor | 3 × 10 – Friends and Family

 The Good Doctor |  3 × 10 - Friends and Family

Ending the first part of the season, The Good Doctor seeks to make Shaun face his family traumas and this topic ends up yielding to Claire, who is also going through a complicated moment.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

With Shaun’s father on his deathbed, he just wanted to talk to his son and Glassman does his best to make Shaun give his father that opportunity. When he sees that Lea doesn’t care that Shaun has this conversation and makes him go away with his head, the doctor has a conversation with her about the difficulty in creating a person, how he blames himself for what happened to him. his daughter.

Shaun, seeing his father suffer, begin to remember how loving his father was in his own way, how he hurt his father. His mother tries to get close to him, the two get to talk, but nothing is certain.

When Shaun and his father have a sincere conversation, he says he is honored to have such a brave and intelligent son, but in his delusions he soon begins to offend him, which leaves Glassman not knowing how to act. Alone at night, Shaun blames himself, feels pain, hits himself, and Lea is the one who comforts him in his greatest pain …

I want to see how it will affect you from now on in the matter of affection. I didn’t expect him to let his friend give him that hug.

In the same way Claire blames herself for what happened to her mother, how she didn’t give her any more chances, and Park keeps an eye on the way she goes out with married men, indulges in a life that can destroy her.

I thought that in the end she would go after the man who sent her many messages, only that she decided to move on and give herself another chance, take care of herself. She arrived in therapy was very nice, because it is something that everyone should do one day to understand and improve.

The case of the day, of the young man who had the chance to become a great football player to help family and friends, but who suffers from hating it all, was very tense. He could become paraplegic, but he put the weight of everything on his back not just literally. His fear was to make his mother sad with the choice to leave football just because he is not happy.

The Good Doctor it touches interesting points to conduct its plots, even though at times it seems drawn. His characters’ dramas are very good, even though they sometimes seem superficial. When you go to see you are involved with each one of them.