The Good Doctor | 3 × 03 – Claire

 The Good Doctor |  3 × 03 - Claire

The Good Doctor delivers us an episode just for Antonia Thomas shine, and how it shone!

Claire had a moment of her own and being in the spotlight simply brought even more soul to a beautiful character who just wants to do the right thing and what she loves, even if she shut up and shut up, she still has love and care to explode and do it right .

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Claire would have her first surgery, and having problems at home with her mother, Breeze, just put her in another perspective, even more than the surgery would be on a teenager with onset of depression, who, having to remove her gall bladder, ends up exposing how they are similar in having to be burdened with worries.

When meddling in things, either in the patient’s life or Shaun’s, she learns that sometimes she needs to take a step back and not get involved, and it is Carly who asks her that, because she was leaving the boy confused in his attitudes.

I liked the way Breeze says he understands his daughter, because it is a struggle to have to mirror her to become better. Unfortunately, after Claire had an amazing day and had her surgery successfully, Breeze suffers a fatal car accident, after drinking the only bottle of drink she hid at home.

The pain of this loss is expected to change a lot Claire, I want to understand the paths she will take. It was nice to see from the professional side seeing Dr. Lim give so much advice to the employee, as well as Melendez, where both show so much concern and affection for her.

The Shamus case was hilarious! Robert Sean Leonard, the eternal Wilson of Casa, Lar, brought a light and eager character, who put the Franklin fish above his good, since he wants it on his wall. I don’t like the theme of the fish, but seeing Park and Morgan needing to work together to solve the case and Claire giving her a hint of cancer was great.

The best of this episode of The Good Doctor, was to show that the series manages to be more than just the focus on Shaun, and this episode of Claire made me sure that many other incredible episodes for the characters must come.