The Good Doctor | 3 × 02 – Debts

 The Good Doctor |  3 × 02 - Debts

I think the most difficult thing is to do the things we’re not really into, and for Shaun it’s even more martyrdom because it takes him out of his control. Carly loved the meeting and wanted to repeat and hear from him that it was the worst moment of her life that left her groundless …

The Good Doctordoes it very well, show the dramas of people and how each of the characters react to that dramas and problem and grow with the help of this control.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Lea and Glassman may even talk too much with Shaun, but he was already determined to leave Carly aside, so as not to suffer again, and look that he was really involved by her, only it was Andrew who opened his eyes. The conversation between the two in the locker room, with Andrew thanking him for getting him out of a stagnant life, is what motivates Shaun to go after Carly and have a simple moment with her, with everything under his control.

Morgan seeks to be the 1st surgeon at all costs, so much so that it creates a problem for her, since Park takes her wave and Lim can’t take it anymore by pulling her bag and staying on top to take over. The fact is that the only one who was giving more than looking at it, is Brown, and is more than deserved for the promotion. I laughed with Park saying he was happy, because they would suffer if Park were their leader.

Brown was immersed in her own problems, since she has to deal with her mother and the fact that she is in her apartment. I liked her to rethink the presence of her mother, who needs help, I just hope she grows up in this relationship and that they show her mother improving her problems.

Melendez is accused of having missed a baby’s first surgery and he ends up being left out by the child’s parents, who choose Lim to do the new procedure. The two still argue, but resolve the differences and save the child.

And the good Samaritan who lost half his face saving a woman, could lose the ability to speak and eat, except that Shaun, focused on the case to forget Carly initially, ends up thinking about a procedure and Andrew embraces the idea, and that’s it idea that makes the two talk about their closeness and how Shau changed him.

The Good Doctor it’s about that, about hope, about people doing good things to improve the lives of others and themselves….