The Good Doctor | 3 × 01 – Disaster

 The Good Doctor |  3 × 01 - Disaster

AND The Good Doctor he comes back as if nothing happened, but full of mystery involving Shaun and Carly’s first meeting, and I confess that they were the moments I most wanted to see in the episode, only in a way it was frustrating…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The frustration of the encounter was not because of the encounter itself, but as it was presented, only that I understand the need to take this into the plot, pricking and leaving the other characters anxious for the outcome of Shaun’s story and it is also a way of showing how bothered he was with all that. His meeting with Carly had minor problems, but nothing to spoil the situation, except that in Shaun’s mind the adversities were problematic, as he likes everything very well, without getting out of his control.

So he wonders, doesn’t want improvisations and can’t even talk to Carly after what happened. And in the end it’s cool to see how all the characters are connected to someone and willing to move on, even with problems.

I like the way Park and Morgan are so different and they are living the story of the couple where the man suffers from dementia and the woman is willing to tell a story every day, shows how they are so superficial in the relationship, since that couple of years knows that love is much more than a lie or a story, but a life together.

Claire was more on top of Shaun wanting her story and preparing her plot again involving her mother. I hope you will come back to this later. Melendez and Lim who end up preferring their secret love and decide to “break up”, even if the HR girl doesn’t believe them.

Lim also needs to make decisions and learn to say no. It was interesting to see Andrews returning in a new position, needing to swallow his ego, and I want to see how everyone will react with Glassman returning to the hospital to his former post as president.

The Good Doctor made an interesting return, simple within its whole concept, but pleasant to follow. The dramas involving love and compassion were cool, both for the elderly couple and for the newlyweds discovering cancer and the need for surgery. Showing love and willingness in two very different moments of the relationship was really cool.