The Good Doctor | 2 × 14 – Faces

 The Good Doctor |  2 × 14 - Faces

What a difficult episode! The Good Doctor he put two teenagers on the scene, one with a disfigured face after touching his father’s gun, and the other with brain death due to an accident that the mother says is guilty… It was very painful to see the solutions and conversations.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Karin, from the accident with the mother, had brain death and the mother felt the pain of losing her daughter and blames herself for having asked to leave early and not having the girl wear a seat belt, so there was the crash with the truck.

But Molly, even with her face completely disfigured, brought joy and her conversations with Browne were sensational! And when she finds out that she could receive a girl’s face, she fears not recognizing herself and losing her individuality, and Browne again gives a show of sensitivity.

The surgery is intense, but the cool thing is the way they put the girls’ parents together. Each one assuming the pain of their mistakes and each one, in their own way, supporting the pain of the other. Besides, the line of honor for Karin is to bring tears to anyone.

With everything working out, we have Melendez and Kim talking, since she believes that since Melendez has slept with her, she didn’t fight for a second option, how to treat the brain first and not the heart, which may have motivated Karin’s death. Again, they may generate friction, but they overcome and must start hitting the front more to avoid making mistakes.

And we also had Glassy, ​​I loved the nickname, and Smurf (Shaun Murphy) running 11 hours to go to an old doctor’s love. This trip is interesting to develop Shaun’s love for Lea, to show him that he can regret it if he doesn’t stand up for the girl and make it clear that he loves her.

The Good Doctor always being delicious and managing to go more than the cases of the week.