The Good Doctor | 2 × 12 – Aftermath

 The Good Doctor |  2 × 12 - Aftermath

After two turbulent episodes, The Good Doctor it leaves aside its “cases of the day” to focus on the development of its characters and to take a breath, but also developing the dramas of the residents. I loved seeing Andrew having to deal with his choices …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

At home, Shaun started choosing to stay with Lea and take Glassman with them to have a rest day. It was nice to see Glassy complaining about everything, but in the end, after really enjoying the adrenaline, deciding to do the chemo, but also living his own life, and making Shaun realize that he needs it too.

Besides, of course, that now Shaun is aware of his feelings for Lea, only that she is already seeing another boy. Shaun’s bleak face was very sad …

I enjoyed seeing Morgan forcing Browne to be with her and telling her about her fake app account to meet other people. Their involvement started out very turbulent, full of jealousy and intrigue, but it was important to develop their friendship.

I liked the return of Browne’s mother and her fear of getting attached to someone, who shows a little of her daughter too, but it was Morgan exaggerating and showing that he had a gun that showed how his head is after Tyler’s death. I hope to see more moments of both.

I loved seeing Park approaching his ex Mia again, and also his own son. He faced the mistakes and knows that he needs to improve a lot.

Melendez and Kim are now aware of their feelings for each other, and it was good to address more of that.

And in the end we have Andrew seeing that his decisions brought problems, like accumulating positions, and seeing the decisions of Melendez, Park and the Shaun crisis, causing bureaucratic problems after the events that forced the CDC to come.

The Good Doctor he came back more mature and I hope he keeps that pace for the rest of the season.