The Good Doctor | 2 × 11 – Quarentine

 The Good Doctor |  2 × 11 - Quarentine

And after a short hiatus, behold The Good Doctor returns to complete the plot of his quarantine. Again we have the urgency factor set the tone for the episode and running to save Lim was distressing, as Morgan kept looking at his friend’s body.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The series knew how to bring that to their advantage, but the best was to show that Shaun has people watching over him. I liked Park not only breaking into the quarantine to save his son, showing that he would do everything for the family and the faults he had with him were for more complicated reasons, and even breaking the lamp that was with the strange hum and taking away Shaun’s attention .

It was nice to see more of Park, as well as making Andrew and Melendez desperate not only to save Lim, but also looking for a way to save their patient. The deposit surgery, the donor’s death, and the farewell message, all very emotional.

Same emotion as Shaun having her first delivery, almost losing the baby and the mother, but turning everything over. Only the episode was about Morgan and his pain. Her having to do everything to save Lim seeing the body of her dead friend beside her was very tense, but she found that the virus was not transmitted by air due to a cut in the friend’s mask and his contact with the patients and even with Lim.

Lea and Glassman also have an important conversation about his illness and the way he sees Shaun and tries to super protect the boy, and she makes him recognize that he is now a man, that he is no longer the helpless child, and that for the well, he needs to be treated the same way, with sincerity. Now it is time to wait for Glassman’s treatment and see how they will develop it.

The Good Doctor he returned well to the conclusion of his final arc and I want to see the new plots of the series.