The Flash | 6 × 17 – Liberation

 The Flash |  6 × 17 - Liberation

Unfortunately The Flash he walked too fast this week and he couldn’t even understand some of the events in order to reflect and understand us. Even Caitlin’s disease was kind of thrown here …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Cecile finds it strange how Barry has been acting and upon arriving home finds that he distrusts Iris. It shows all the attitudes of Iris that do not match the attitudes of his wife, especially the way she gave up on marriage without talking anymore.

The two then set up an ambush for Iris with Nash helping, only Eve changes the device that would reveal Iris and this reverses for Barry, who is arrested. Cecile doesn’t trust that much and releases Barry.

In the meantime Singh, Kamilla and Iris get in touch with Rosso and take some of his blood which causes Eva to create an object capable of making her come out of the mirror. Rosso makes it clear that everything will be charged in time and Iris is intrigued by that…

Iris from the mirror is dying to have a life, to be able to make her own decisions, thus starting to drop Eve’s plans a little.

With Barry suspicious and putting Iris against the wall, she reveals herself and the two fight. Iris from the mirror shows another way and how she is able to transport herself through the mirrors. In the end Iris is destroyed and Eve promises that she will destroy everything that stands in her way against Carver.

Iris, trapped inside the mirror and knowing that Eve is the villain of the moment, manages to shake her head by showing that she is not angry with Carver, but that she loves him. Eve is out of control and I find it funny that instead of asking Barry for help, she wants to destroy her friends, which doesn’t make much sense if she wants to defeat Carver.

After the battle against the villain Sunshine, her heat created problems for Blizzard and Caitlin, who suffer to heal themselves and are unable to stabilize themselves anymore. Cisco and Ralph arrive and manage to bring her back to themselves and understand that they will need her mother to solve this problem.

With everything exposed, now we have to wait for the development of The Flash.