The Flash | 6 × 16 – So Long and Good Night

 The Flash |  6 × 16 - So Long and Good Night

The Flash comes back to continue his season after a break and again puts Barry in the middle of losing the rest of the Acceleration Force that is in his body, and Eva uses that… In addition, we have Ralph and Sue getting closer .

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Carver is irritated by Joe’s approach to the Black Hole and hired Rag Doll to finish him off, but on the way we have Barry and Cecile, and some rocks, like Eva, who wants Carver just for her. Barry’s discussions and how he ends up solving everything ends up causing headaches.

With Rag Doll trying to kill Cecile to attract Joe, Barry saves them both, but on the way he ends up convincing his father that he urgently needs to join the witness protection program. The problem is that with the mirror Iris on his tail, Barry ends up suffering and spending almost all his strength.

Eva asked Iris to do this and at the same time we found out that she has already recruited one more for her army of mirrors, Singh, who quickly moves Joe out of Carver’s path.

Only we have one more on the way, or rather two, since Sue Dearbon and Ralph will now go after Carver, because all she has done is to pay him back and get her parents out of a debt that just gets complicated. The relationship of the two begins in a very nice way, the discoveries and the way they are portraying Sue is delicious, because there is the cat and mouse thing, but in a more restrained comic way and without the character’s exaggerations.

Allegra and Nash continue looking for a way to understand each other, but nothing comes out here.

The Flash still kind of stopped, its main plot hasn’t thrilled much, but some moments are interesting and they’re Sue and Ralph’s, I want to see how far this will unfold.