The Flash | 6 × 12-13 – A Girl Named Sue / Grodd Friended Me

 The Flash |  6 × 12-13 - A Girl Named Sue / Grodd Friended Me

The Flash need to meet again to show more interesting plots, but I confess that at least “A Girl Named Sue”He knew how to work very well with Ralph, even if he continues to make a mystery without salt with the version outside the mirror Iris, who in her version inside the mirror remains a formidable woman.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Lucky that in “Grodd Friended Me”We finally understand what Iris Mirror is doing and how she is connected to Eva, who continues to use Iris for her purposes and I think she doesn’t come out of the mirror due to some limitations, while using the version of the woman outside the mirror to get revenge ex-husband.

Ralph and Sue formed a sensational couple, he using the detective side was great, but the best was that she was smarter than he expected and using it to get a diamond. They showed a Sue who is smart and does what she can to get along, and the search for the diamond had a reason: to show more of the Black Hole, and the organization is more dangerous than we think.

Barry, on the other hand, had an episode to make peace with Grodd and it was good, within his limitations. The script seems to have forgotten some things, put a more lost Barry, but then put him on the line again, but I hope that the series will be reunited, because the post-Crisis left things a little lost for The Flash.

Allegra now knows that Nash has already had contact with a version of her on her Earth, so he has this admiration in her, and the worst thing is that he left her lost, since he felt used by him right when he started to connect with him.

Unfortunately The Flash brings back the Reverse Flash and I can’t feel connected to his plot, because he already gave what he had to have already given.