The Flash | 6 × 10 – Marathon

 The Flash |  6 × 10 - Marathon

The first episode of The Flash post-Crisis in the Infinite Lands it brought a lot of drama, tension and words that needed to be said, but I think the worst is the trauma that remains after such a big event, and Cisco’s revolt is more than justified.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The most interesting part of that return was really how Cisco put Nash Wells against the wall. The man who opened the pandora box felt all the hatred and indifference of the boy who saw losing countless people beyond the Crisis, like countless Wells through the multiverse, to Jesse, and everything else… The way he exposes it and asks him to go away venturing into Gorilla Island was very strong, which even Blizzard and Allegra are surprised at. In the end they understand each other …

I liked the new world map with Markovia, Nanda Parbat, Dinosaur Island, Metropolis, Freeland and much more…

Barry has in Diggle the perfect moment to talk about the lack that Oliver will do and for that they end up in Lian Yu after a possible quantity of Mirakuru, but it was just an excuse for the two of them to have a subject and leave Iris alone to investigate Black Hole.

This investigative part of his journalism brought a very good moment for Iris, Kamilla, Allera and Cecile, all of them had their time and space and the movement behind the heads of Black Hole was great. In the end, they meet Kimiyo Hoshi, Doctor Luz. Her power concentrated in a weapon was cool, but the best ended up being Iris’ fate.

With an investigative sense in full swing, she links the points of speech of her informant who was murdered by Hoshi and discovers that there is much behind McCulloch’s company and that AV3 is Eva McCulloch upside down and inside her office, which is disappeared, Iris ends up being taken into the mirror …

Waiting to see what The Flash promises to go further after overcoming these losses of the Crisis and focusing on a plot of own villains, and may even focus on the Black Hole organization.