The Flash | 6 × 06 – License to Elongate

 The Flash |  6 × 06 - License to Elongate

And still in the preparation of Crisis in the Infinite Lands and its consequences, The Flash brings Barry and Ralph together, as well as creating more mysteries involving Rory and Allegra, bringing them closer to other important goals for the event and the series.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Ralph and Barry are left with an investigation to get after Sue Dibny, who remains mysterious, and end up falling into an organization with a powerful weapon capable of destroying entire cities. Abusing the theme, the series even made many jokes involving James Bond.

In the end it was nice to see more of the two characters and less of the heroes, even though the end of the episode put them in front of the police so that Flash would put Rubber Man ahead of the city’s heroic acts, as he will be gone. Joe takes the opportunity to honor Barry.

And talking about the disappearance, Nash approaches Allegra to use his powers and avoid touching the Eternium on the wall where there is something hiding Monitor. Going a step further, Allegra and Nash have some mystery in their relationship across the Multiverse.

And Cecile approached Rory, who, just as she is trying to find herself in a previously unknown universe, since this one of meta-humans is quite new to them. The dialogues between them were great, and Rory excited to be part of the STAR Labs team was great.

We’ll see Barry Allen’s wishes in the next episodes before the The Flash.