The Flash | 6 × 04 – There Will Be Blood

 The Flash |  6 × 04 - There Will Be Blood

And Barry is already preparing others for his farewell The Flash. With the Crisis in the Infinite Lands closer and closer, he feels the need to make everyone comfortable with the idea of ​​his departure, and in the meantime, life goes on…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The problem is that Cisco does not handle it well and starts to run after a way to save his friend, even if for that he has to hide a formula that could save Rosso. The problem is that once again Barry acts out of emotion and does not realize that he is “saving” his own enemy.

Rosso tries to use the formula Barry gives him, but it doesn’t work and then he discovers that he needs to put his blood on the bodies of other people, who are temporarily zombies under his control, so that he can get it back, like a incubator, and thus survive longer.

With such a power, and with a script that put such weak dialogues in Rosso’s mouth, the series could have other paths, but they placed him as a great powerful monster, but it is only so because of the emotions around Rosso . Now, talking about Barry’s speed and about applying his blood to his victim’s vein, it was level Mutants: Paths of the Heart.

Returning to the dramatic part, everyone is feeling, even Ralph, that he gets away and Iris who convinces him to go ahead and go after Debbie, and Cisco gradually learns that he will need to change his mind. Even Blizzard stays a little behind so as not to lose Caitlin’s friend.

Now, what a hell of an actor is Jesse L. Martin, your emotions like Joe were incredible. There we have a father, a friend, knowing that he will have to accept in any way that he will lose his son, and that there is nothing he can do but protect his daughter.

Lastly The Flash Nash Wells puts us to pick up a component with Cisco and ready to enter a secret location where the Monitor has been. This new Wells is Outcast, who must also be looking for ways to avoid the destruction of the multiverse.