The Flash | 6 × 03 – Dead Man Running

 The Flash |  6 × 03 - Dead Man Running

I liked that the title “Dead Man Running“, in The Flash, ended up referring to 3 characters that were featured in the episode, in addition to talking a little about Ralph’s relationship with his mother, and the men who run his life.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The first “Dead Man” is Barry himself, who spends the episode trying to show Blizzard that she can control herself, but she just messes up, letting her anger out once and for all. When he confronts her, Blizzard says he doesn’t want to die now that he’s “living”, that Caitlin has freed that time for her to find out, and that messes with Flash.

I believe that Bary will need to accept his fate and tell his friends that for them and billions more people to survive, he will need to die. I believe that this shock will be addressed more in the next episode.

The second “Dead Man” is Harrisoon Weels, or rather, Nash Wells. Allegra sees Wells running around the city and is intrigued, and at the same time pissed, because Iris takes it from her, knowing that he is from another Earth. Iris promises to tell you everything in the end …

For now we have a new Wells running, and it comes from an unexplained land, but it seeks an element that was felt on Earth-1: Eternium. At the end of the episode he finds the element, but we are not shown what it is.

And the last “Dead Man” is Rosso and his zombies … By using his power on people, he coagulates their blood and he comes under his control. He is desperate for a cure, but his zombies are only looking for dark matter.

Rosso manages to get rid of Barry and even the suspicious Blizzard, but he just hopes that his addiction to a cure will be quenched. Now he also seeks a union with other matters created by himself, because it can contain power.

And the slightly more unrelated part is Mrs. Dibny’s “dead man”, as we spent the episode accompanying her trying to get rid of the theft charge, only she doesn’t want Ralph to see who she was with. It turns out that all the men who have passed through their lives, she tells Ralph that they died, only it is a lie, because the boy is very sensitive with losses.

Hope The Flash shows a little more of Rosso’s plot, as this episode only showed his fanaticism, but what really matters is that Crisis in the Infinite Lands are being very well designed here and in Arrow, impossible not to be anxious.