The Flash | 5 × 20-21 – Gone Rogue / The Girl With the Red Lightning

 The Flash |  5 × 20-21 - Gone Rogue / The Girl With the Red Lightning

The Flash brought the unfolding of Nora’s entry into the Negative Force and soon after that Ralph connected Thawne’s plan, and it took so long to develop everything and in the end it was something so trivial … More people expected.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In short, Thawne moved the whole plot, managed to postpone some things and in the end just wanted Cicada’s dagger for himself. Long plan, full of developments that I did not like at times, in the end to be cliché. I hope that at the end of the episode Ralph prevented Barry from sending the dagger into the future.

Nora teamed up with the villains Witch of Time, Cloth Doll and Insect to steal a stockpile of weapons, and analyzing herself, she took all the villains with parental problems to help her, right after a moment when she finds herself rejected by Barry. She soon finds herself betrayed and her family forgives her, especially with Iris at the foot of Barry, who is more stuck than a donkey.

In the end the weapon would send Cicada’s (Grace) dagger into the future, directly into the hands of Thawne, who was on death row, and has the dagger strapped to his body in a scene seen before Ralph yelled at Barry not to shoot .

The best part was some of the dramas, like the cure being announced and the town’s pandemonium forcing Joe to become a true leader, thanks to Cecile’s advice. Or Sherloque’s drama, which could lose Adler to Cicada, thus sending her to another Earth to protect herself.

The Flash now he is going to his last episode and I hope that they know how to conclude the plot of this season well, which tried to be clearer, after dark times, but that was lost a little in some moments.