The Flash | 5 × 19 – Snow Pack

 The Flash |  5 × 19 - Snow Pack

After the journey with Nora, now is the time to see the consequences of Barry’s actions towards his daughter. The Flash it shows that being a hero is also being a family and you need to share things and talk about the decisions to be made.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Barry decided alone that Nora should stay in the future and ready, he even made it clear that he would know if she tried to join the Force of Acceleration, the problem is that the decision was made without Iris, and the two end up arguing very badly, and there is no way out her reason, as much as Nora was with Eobard, as there is more to know about the villain’s future.

Behold, Iris and Ralph end up going to the future to have a chat with Nora, and there Iris discovers that she is very angry, and Eobard tries to calm her down, showing a very fraternal reality. I even created the suspicion that somehow that over there is Barry in the wrong body, but you can’t guess anything yet.

The fact is that Nora’s anger makes her go out of her way and accept the Negative Force, which turns her into a being of anger, that not only her rays turn red, but also her eyes. Iris then worries and returns to the present.

In the present the drama is upon Caitlin, who finally makes peace with his mother and understands that she did her best to be at his side, but the daughter always pushed her away, as she did not understand the loss of her father, Thomas. Carla ends up being caught by Frost, who does not demonstrate her plans, but takes her mother and daughter with her.

Barry tries to avoid it, but ends up discovering that the villain wants to turn Carla into an icy version, and convert Caitlin’s transformation to Blizzard anyway. A family of ice, showing that the villain is not so cold-hearted, but that he needs them around him.

Except that Grace appears at the time to recover an object that Carla was working on and that had been stolen by Frost, and that this one in the form of Thomas, upon seeing her daughter almost being killed, enters the front and says goodbye. The Geada cycle ends, but starts a new one with Carla becoming a metahuman without Caitlin knowing.

I hope the series concludes its season very well, but we know that Nora will now be getting ready to have her father by her side, and I think Reverse Energy can be a problem. But The Flash maintains the idea of ​​Cicada as a villain, which was interesting to change, but we don’t know what she intends with her 2019 version.