The Flash | 5 × 17 – Time Bomb

 The Flash |  5 × 17 - Time Bomb

I think what caught the most attention in this episode of The Flash is the feeling that Cisco is gradually saying goodbye to the team and the series. All his lines sound strange, with nostalgia, fear and surprise, so much so that he wants to keep Kamilla away from the group.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

When Ralph starts doing everything he can to make her feel better, Cisco does everything he can to keep him out, and I think it’s funny that Elastic Man is increasingly out of context, because his playful part is exaggerated, and the series seeks to give him limits, but without losing grace.

Now, Gracie’s part has shown an insane woman, who simply wants to destroy the metahumans and for that she needs to go back in time and help her uncle, Orlin. The point is that he changed, and he wanted her to change, but she spent years with his hateful words in her head, and when she woke up in the future, she took a chair that went back in time at the Flash team base.

With her uncle going against her, Gracie finally makes the painful decision to kill him, and even tries to kill the metahuman who killed her mother, even if it was unintentionally, and she makes it clear that she will kill everyone, even if she is good. .

The drama of the episode served to show Nora that her lie can make things worse and even though she had a fight with Eobard in the future, at the present she is unmasked by Wells, leaving everyone speechless for her being a partner of the Reverse Flash. I think she found herself trapped by her own father was the most insane.

How will Barry and Iris handle things from here? Looking forward to the episode of the God of Speed… Godspeed comes!