The Flash | 5 × 16 – Failure is an Orphan

 The Flash |  5 × 16 - Failure is an Orphan

This season of The Flash is already heading towards its end and a new villain appears to rescue Cicada. Unfortunately whenever Nora enters the scene the series falls, her plot involved with Reverse Flash does not develop and gets very dragged, even with a time counting…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

She needs to solve the timeline, make Flash defeat Cicada, but she only makes a fool of herself, while Barry and Iris just want to spend time with her. Unfortunately it again puts everyone in danger …

When she sees that they are on the day of the Flash and Cicada fight, she devises a way to make them face each other and ends up even solving some issues, as Barry manages to show Orlin that Gracie is now a metahuman and that he can be cured. to cure it later.

The problem is that it comes from the future and rescues it, opening a breach in a very strange way. Eobard still sees that the timeline is changing and cannot yet understand how, and the turning point is Gracie.

It remains to wait to see the consequences of this, because she sees that Orlin is being healed, so much so that his dagger no longer shines, only that when she touches, the piece shines again.

Meanwhile, we have Joe having to deal with Cecile and his power. The discussion of the two is cool, but something was missing to bring us closer. The fact is that I missed his presence in the series.

Now we hope that The Flash walk in a more interesting way in the next episodes, and that the new Cicada is better presented. AND Sarah Carter (Falling Skies) must come to rock like older Gracie.