The Flash | 5 × 12 – Memorabilia

 The Flash |  5 × 12 - Memorabilia

Here, Sherloque, without his Watsune, decides to use a Mad Hatter machine, Batman’s villain, to access Grace’s mind and thus resolve Barry’s conflict with Cicada once and for all. The point is that The Flash brings another villain, shows the changes of the future and everything already implies even for the Crisis on Infinite Earths (Crisis on Infinite Earths) as the next crossover.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Sherloque used the machine as an excuse for Barry to see Nora’s memory and thus discover her connection with Eobard, but the girl entered Grace’s mind alone and ended up imprisoned, since the girl listened to her uncle’s conversations and understood that she is the sprinter who wants to destroy you.

Full of pranks, Nora needs to race against time and fix the girl’s mind in order to escape from there alive, since the girl took Cicada to hunt her.

Behold, Barry and Iris enter Nora’s mind in an attempt to help her and end up glimpsing the future, where Flash does not exist, but has countless comics, action figures, accessories, while Iris understands that Nora is disgusted and sees her mother as a villain of everything. It was nice to see her mind clear things up and Iris to be sadder and still treating her daughter well, different from what Nora really thinks.

The point is that Nora’s mind protection system turns out to be Reverse Flash, which intrigues Sherloque, but it doesn’t leave Barry. So, in the end, we have Nora saying that she will have to continue to lie to her father.

One of the plots we see is Iris opening her newspaper, which we discover to be The Central City Citizen, the same newspaper that announces the disappearance of Flash in 2024, but the newspaper is only created in 2020 on the timeline, and so Nora shows that the date of the newspaper’s creation changes for 2019, an indication of the change in the timeline. This change makes me believe that it will also hinder the disappearance of Flash in the Crisis.

Another point is the announcement in the museum that Flash did not succumb to Reverse Flash or Red Flash, but Cicada was his biggest failure. This line may bring us to the idea of ​​the sprinter being the next villain in the series.

With Cisco investigating the healing of metahumans and even meeting Kamilla, which may be a new romantic interest, Barry confronts him wanting the cure to be used in Cicada…

The Flash it’s intense and I’m enjoying being light, but dealing with such a complicated topic. It was great to see Ralph looking for a way to help Cisco and I even laughed a little about Watsune’s history and I already want to know who he is on his Earth.