The Flash | 5 × 11 – Seeing Red

 The Flash |  5 × 11 - Seeing Red

The Flash places a series of metahumans sent to prison by Team Flash being targeted by Cicada after a hopeless and angry policeman from the metahumans delivers his list to Cicada and his accomplice. Only the highlight was that he almost crippled Nora…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

With Nora almost dead, Barry lost the line and almost killed Cicada. The question is what it would turn into if it did. I liked that he was on the edge and could really do someone such damage, and when Nora makes him come to himself, he also decides to bring Cicada to his side, trying to bring Cicada’s niece back.

I loved the issues of metahumans and the way they complained about being the way they are, messing with Blizzard so much that it had been sabotaging Caitlin and Cisco’s plans. The problem is that many may have become villains because of their history, while others find themselves trapped by their powers.

Cecile gained an interesting highlight, and still shows itself with the powers of mind reading. The question remains whether it will maintain a lighter version of the power, or whether it will continue to disappear …

Sherloque continues to investigate Nora and even being placed against the wall by Iris, who understood his steps, he ends up discovering that there is a bigger person behind the actions of the sprinter of the future.

The Flash made great moves, made a delightful union between Caitlin and Nevasca, and is discussing the creation of the “cure” of the metahumans, putting hope, fear, resentment… Raph letting him understand that he wants to stop being Elastic Man was very tense.