The Eternals: check out new photos from the Marvel film recordings

The Eternals: check out new photos from the Marvel film recordings

In November 4, 2020, a Marvel must present a series of new characters. According to the Journal du Geek, Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), initiated by the Black Widow, will welcome new stories and it is up to director Chloé Zhao to open the game about the future of productions.

The director will be responsible for the first part of the adventures of , with a stellar cast. Currently, the film is being shot on the streets of London and some people have already taken the opportunity to share photos of the recordings. In some of them, you can see Richard Madden (The Robb Stark in game of Thrones) floating a few meters from the ground, which is not surprising, as he will interpret Ikaris, a hero powerful enough to fly at a speed of 1360 km / h in the comics, in addition, he can still teleport, release energy from his hands and eyes and has superhuman strength.

And Robb Stark is not the only Game of Thrones character to “appear”. Your ex-partner Jon Snow, or rather, Kit Harrington, will also be in the film and must interpret the Black Knight in Marvel production.

The Eternals will be the MCU’s 25th film and will feature a five-star cast, including Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Kumail Nanjiani, which will debut their first collaboration with Marvel Studios and they must complete this new team of superheroes.

The synopsis of the feature was revealed a few days ago:

Originating from the first beings to have inhabited the Earth, The Eternals are part of a race genetically modified by the space gods known as Celestials. Endowed with characteristics like immortality and manipulation of cosmic energy, they are the result of failed experiences of their own creators, who were also responsible for generating the Deviants, your main enemies.

Marvel called Chloé Zhao, director awarded by . will have the difficult task of opening a new chapter in Marvel history. While the Black Widow officially opens the fourth phase of the MCU, will be the first real feature film whose plot takes place after the .

By: Nayara Salaverry – Writing Speak!