The differences between the cartoon ‘Avatar’ and the movie ‘The Last Airbender’

The Last Air Master netflix

continues to be relevant since its debut in 2005. Be it for having a moving and fun story, for addressing complex and current themes or for having very well choreographed struggles in its animation. Recently, news emerged that it would be adapted for the series by Netflix.

For fans, the possibility of this happening brings back bad memories. already had an adaptation as a film,, and was not very successful. What were the direction mistakes of the feature? I will compare the series of the original animation with the.

The Last Air Master netflix

Differences between and

1) Cast

The world of is separated between four peoples, each representing an element and a nation of our world: the Air Nomads represent Buddhist monks; the Water Tribes represent the Inuit indigenous; the Earth Kingdom has Chinese and Korean influences; the Fire Nation is inspired by Japanese culture. Each character belonging to one of these groups had a different ethnicity in the series.

The film, on the other hand, puts Caucasian actors to play the roles of characters influenced by Asian culture, such as Sokka and Katara. What caught the attention of the fans was also the choice to invert the colors of the heroes and villains of the series, such as the Fire Nation being represented by Indians and the Water Tribe, by whites. The distortion of the characters’ ethnicity generated quite a stir at the time and greatly damaged the image of the film.

2) Fights

As a fan of, what caught me most were the fights using elements like fire and air. What was interesting were the movements used for the elemental fold, which looked like martial arts techniques with the application of elements and which varied the movements according to the fold, such as the Water Bending having a smooth and harmonic rhythm, while the Earth Bending it was firm and hard as the earth itself.

What is painful to see are the struggles recreated in 3D during, which use poor quality effects and no effort in the choreography. The use of elements by the characters becomes only for exhibition rather than creating great combat scenes and generating excitement for the story.

3) Narrative

The story of the series is about Aang, who is the last airbender and the Avatar. Your mission is to learn the other three elements and restore balance in the world since the Fire Nation attack.

The first season, with the name of, consists of 20 episodes and tells the journey that Aang took to learn the element of water. Each “chapter” of this book told us funny and adventurous moments from Aang, Katara, Sokka, Momo and Appa, adding more to the story and the development of the characters.

The problem with adapting a complete season in a film is the time limit, and the feature can omit important parts and / or streamline your narrative. This is what happened with, lasting 1 hour and 43 minutes. The decision to leave its adaptation with the series format is more sensible, because it prevents the risk of shortening the adventure too much, it leaves a better environment for the construction of the story. Adaptation for film is not impossible, but the production of a film requires a more closed and self-sufficient narrative. Which was not the case with.

4) Topics covered

The most difficult thing to teach a child is on topics that not even adults understand, such as racism, discrimination, xenophobia. One of the merits is to present these themes in an understandable and palatable way to a younger audience, whether with the events of the series or the actions of the characters. Few children’s drawings are able to talk about these subjects in a very natural way as they did. His sequence,, continued this scheme, this time, addressing sexuality and extremist movements.

In adaptation, this is left out. The film is so hurried that it focuses more on the use of special effects than anything else. Although the mentions about the state of the world are very brief and forgettable. The only point that addresses, indirectly, is the problem of the film industry in the adaptations of choosing Caucasian actors to play characters of different ethnicities. Good job.

The adaptation of a work to another medium will always present changes, but whether these changes are good or bad, it will be an issue for the producers of the series. I’m excited to see this series soon!