The difference between the look of the characters in animation and live-action

The difference between the look of the characters in animation and live-action

The films have been gaining great proportions, mainly, in the last decade. Many people confuse it with animations, the most accepted definition of the term is “action that involves real people and animals, not models, images drawn or generated by computer”, whereas the meaning of animation is “a series of moving images, drawn, modeled or generated by computer ”.

However, some recent film productions, such as the film, released in 2019 from the 1994 history, raised questions about where it would best fit in relation to these two terms. Even professionals in the field have not reached a consensus.

the Lion King

The cartoonist and animator Daniel Spenser said that the film would be an animation, while the Brazilian filmmaker Rafael Ribas states the following:

A superhero movie, for example, has a large volume of animations and virtual settings, but we keep calling it. It’s an aesthetic, that was Disney’s goal: to create from its most famous animations.

Thus, I will present a list of some and images of the difference between the characters from old and newer Disney films, which opened the door to this new style of audiovisual production and managed to bring the feeling of nostalgia to the audience.


it was the first created by Disney, reproduced the animation made in 1961 for a new version in 1996. Unlike the recent proposals of this style of films, (1996) did not tell the story exactly as it was in 1961, they updated to the current context of the time .

A film about the villain of the story, Cruella, was scheduled to be released in 2021, but with the postponement of the recordings due to the current social isolation due to the Covid-19 virus, it will probably be released at a more distant date.


Alice in Wonderland

The first stories were published in 1951, written by Lewis Carroll, and they are. The film, which was released in 2010, combines the two versions of the original story.



The film brought a different view of Disney films by focusing on the story of a villain, rather than the princess of the original story. O had its debut in 2014, from the 1959 version of, princess who was part of Disney’s first triad (Aurora, Snow White and Cinderella). Featured in the cast was the actress Angelina Jolie, who played Maleficent herself.



she is one of the most acclaimed and well-known princesses since 1950, when she was created, but only won a new production by Disney in 2015. The film was also well received by critics to the point of being nominated for an Oscar.


Mogli: The Wolf Boy

In 2016, the year after the success of, the film it had a version of the 1967 animation. Even though only the boy Mogli was the actor in the film, the production was still considered one. All the animals were made with the photorealism technique, which makes the animals more real in the edition.


My Friend, The Dragon

() is an adventure and fantasy film written and directed by David Lowery. It was also released in 2016, while its old animated version was set in 1977.


Beauty and the Beast

The animation of () was one of the biggest Disney successes since its publication in 1991. The, released in 2017, was very well received by the public and critics, being nominated for an Oscar as ‘Best Film’, with the participation in the cast of actress Emma Watson (playing Bela), whose career was leveraged by being one of the protagonists of the famous saga.

8 – DUMBO 8.


The animation, which since 1941, when the use of animals as a circus attraction was more common and normalized, already left a criticism even if subtle of these activities, had the launch of its new production in 2019. It was directed by Tim Burton and presents another magical Disney-like context.



was one of the most anticipated recent Disney productions. The 1992 animation had its release in 2019, contained in its cast the prestigious actor Will Smith, playing the genius, and brought some updates on the current context of greater female power, during the film, through the character Jasmine. The soundtrack featured both old and new songs praised by viewers.


Mulan history

Another film that was scheduled to be released in March 2020 was , but due to the quarantine, the premiere was postponed.