The deleted Deadpool scene with baby Hitler leaked!

The deleted Deadpool scene with baby Hitler leaked!

Some time ago rumors arose that deleted scenes from Deadpool 2 included the anti-hero returning in time to kill baby Hitler and thus prevent World War II “by the roots” and now the scenes have been leaked and posted in two different channels on YouTube.

The first video, as can be seen below, shows the scene in which Deadpool decides to go after baby Hitler, while the second, which was supposed to be a post-credit scene, takes a twist in the story. The videos are not captioned.

Check out:

With the second video, he suggests that Deadpool really did not manage to gather the “courage” necessary to realize his intentions, stating that he would return later with his colleague Cable, “who loves to kill little children”, according to the character’s speech in the video.

Did you like the scenes and wish they had made it to theaters or did you think it was really worth deleting them?

In the film, the chatty mercenary Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) follows his fight against crime. The big guy with the bionic arm Cable (Josh Brolin) is the new threat and is on the hunt for a mysterious boy. Deadpool is not able to face this villain alone. So he creates the X-Force megagroup to restore peace.

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