The City of Pirates, by Otto Guerra, arrives in theaters dealing with current themes

The City of Pirates, by Otto Guerra, arrives in theaters dealing with current themes

One of the director’s most controversial works Otto Guerra, The Pirate City makes an underground and chaotic mix between fiction and reality about the private lives of Laerte Coutinho and Otto Guerra. The film is constructed through a series of references from Laerte’s comics, and the director’s own cinema, in addition to searching through the history of Brazil – including facts associated with recent history – to reflect on art, pop culture, and politics. With distribution of Spear Movies, the film arrives on the national circuit on the day October 31st.

The animation is developed from characters from the comics Pirates of Tietê, who are rejected by her creator, Laerte Coutinho, when she claims to be transgender, assuming her feminine identity. “For Laerte, The Pirates and other universes of their creation, were outdated. She said that the Pirates worked in the 1980s, but that today she considers them sexist. I also agreed that his most recent creations were much better. The film project started in 1993, it is evident that the world has evolved and we try to adapt to this new phase of the author”, Says Otto Guerra.

Friends and contemporaries, Otto Guerra and Laerte Coutinho drank from the same sources as the 70s, as well as Angeli and other comic artists, are artists influenced by the Crumb comics, Freak Brothers, the Beat literature of the 50s, Ginsberg, Kerouac, and this identification generated the partnership that continues today, and which served as a basis for the construction of The Pirate City .

Laerte was generous in relation to our film: even though she didn’t want to appear, she was willing to record the scenes where she was interviewed by us and helped to release the rights of the various programs, of her participation in several TV channels.”, Says director Otto Guerra, who adds,“She encouraged the exchange of the original script, where only the Pirates acted, for the version where the Pirates, she and her new universe were protagonists. At the beginning we were lost in the middle of the labyrinth that was created and this greatly reinforced the timeliness of our film, bringing questions that are and will still be at the forefront of questions, how we arrived at the edge of the abyss”.

When inviting Matheus Nachtergaele and Marco Ricca to lend their voices to the characters, the director seeks to expand the film’s challenging and existentialist dimension, which portrays a process of accepting desires and affections, with the story of a man who flirts with transsexual culture. “Matheus is an actor who always seems to be the character himself. What’s more, he easily captures the emotion of the scene and makes so many and so many options that it makes the dubbing director dizzy. Living genius among us. Marco Ricca has that stigma of the bad. We had the role of the homophobic and paranoid politician, he was the perfect guy for the role”, Explains the director.


Inspired by the famous comics by cartoonist Laerte. The story mixes the transition journey of the artist and the director, who faces death after being diagnosed with cancer. A chaotic chasm between fiction and reality is created in the craziest animation of all time.

The Pirate City hits theaters on October 31.