The Circle Brasil | Review

 The Circle Brasil |  Review

The American version of the reality show The Circle debuted in Netflix in early 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic, and combined a competition program combo with a social experiment that has been talking since then.

We agree that the American version is very good, the participants are extremely charismatic, and the program has a very contagious tone and rhythm, but the Brazilian version, which has finished its first year now, makes a program, and a fun, infinitely better and more addictive.

ImageJP participating in The Circle Brasil | Photo: Netflix

Here, the great thing about Netflix was putting the Brazilian show weeks after the American version crowned his / her winner. THE hype he was already trained there, the Brazilian public had already learned the rules of the game, and of course, he already knew what to expect from the national version. So I knew The Circle Brasil opened his own chat and said: Circle, open chat… rules? what rules? huahauaha, send message.

The biggest difference, and one of the reasons, that maybe, The Circle it worked, and fell into popular taste, it was just leaving the traditional Netflix mode of release and releasing a dose of episodes weekly. Which gave people more time to watch, addict each other, and talk together on the same topic. If all the episodes had come out on the same day, the production would run the risk of having been hidden in the middle of the numerous programs that Netflix launches every day.

The national version followed the American formula and released 4 episodes at once, every Wednesday, but how did the Brazilian version manage to overcome the American one? Easy, the producers realized the need to adapt, and shape the game to the reality of the audience here. The Circle Brasil it is loaded with giant Brazilianness, which contributes a lot in connecting the public with the participants, much more than with the rules, and with the challenge itself, of winning the program. And of course, it is right to create a giant identification of ours, with each one of them, who comes from completely different regions of Brazil, and with personalities completely opposite from each other.

This helped the The Circle Brasil have their own DNA, which is clear when we watch the episodes. There are several moments, and narratives, that we saw in the American version, but it is the way, and the way, that many moments were told that completely made a difference in the The Circle Brasil. And Netflix marketing has already started well, first by hiring Giovanna Ewbank, a super well-known global actress, but who needs to loosen up a little more with her narration superimposed, even by the famous list released in half (the famous #AImprensaQueLute). The most commendable arrangement was mainly due to the cast of names chosen to form this first season.

ImageThe Circle Brasil participant Rob | Photo: Netflix Brasil

The Circle Brasil it is the representation of a giant Brazil, with different types, races, and styles. And this is clear from the first episode when we meet the participants who start this game, from the spurting figure of Dumaresq, passing by the contagious Marina, the plundered young man Akel, the good people Loma (with a fake more or less), the shy gamer Gaybol, and the more modelete figures of JP and Ana Clara. The Circle Brasil, and its cast of first participants, deliver a mix of a Brazil full of peculiarities that only a country as big as ours has. The same goes for participants who entered the following episodes, with highlights for the twins Lucas and Marcel, and its fake Luma, as well as, the strategist Raf and the figure of your friend Anna (known to the public of old on the internet).

Meet the participants of The Circle Brasil!

The Brazilians at The Circle Brasil have a lot to teach participants in the USA. 4 new episodes are now available.

– netflixbrasil (@NetflixBrasil) March 18, 2020

The Circle Brasil, as well as the American version, focused much more on not going after the fakes profiles, but rather telling his own narrative where the most authentic participant wins, the one who really donated more in the game, especially if we think about the trajectory of who ended up being the winner (WITHOUT SPOILERS) in the Brazilian version. And of course, when we see, throughout the program, the exits of participants who were considered “strong” or “too strategists”. So, the explosive combination of a super diverse cast, with the success formula of the other versions had everything to do The Circle Brasil be a good reality show.

And the program is very good, but the understanding of the production in which they needed to disconnect from the American version was the great attraction for The Circle Brasil be a recipe for success, and a resounding success in quarantine.

Differentiated tests, such as one that shows off-season carnival, the most spicy games in which participants could talk anonymously with each other in the chat, and changes in the rules of the game in almost every episode, such as the entry of a super -influence in the middle of the season, were the great differential that The Circle Brasil delivered, and makes it infinitely better than the other versions of the program in streaming.

ImageMarina participating in The Circle Brasil | Photo: Netflix Brasil

The Circle Brasil it does not need validation from outside the country, as in the past few days it has been rolling on Twitter by user profiles who think that just because they leave the gringo is a success, and yes, from their own audience that has already been addicted to reality shows more than 20 years, you know what you want, and what to expect from a program of this level. The Circle Brasil delivers a super consistent and extremely pleasant first season to be followed, as it knew how to adapt to the reality of the Brazilian, especially the young, hyperconnected user who does not want to wait for a program compiled at night on open TV, but, rather, to accompany the house at any time. he wants, and see as many episodes as he wants at once.

In the end, The Circle Brasil delivery reality show geolocalized without losing its global air, for the new ages, for a new type of audience, and in a new way of consuming entertainment in an increasingly connected society. Hashtag is #BrasilNaNetflix doing beautiful.