‘The Circle Brasil’ – Read the Netflix reality show review

‘The Circle Brasil’ – Read the Netflix reality show review

“Circle, message!” For participants in the Brazilian version of, presented by Giovanna Ewbank, this was the most used command during confinement in Manchester, England. Originally British, it already has, in addition to the Brazilian, an American and a French version, all recorded in the same location and already available in the catalog of Netflix.

the circle brasil

In essence, the program maintains the philosophy of a social dynamic that is well known to all: the endless pursuit of popularity. Each participant has their own apartment in the building and the only way to communicate with each other is through a digital platform activated by voice commands.

The final goal of each one? Become the most popular, with the best position in the ranking of evaluations to receive the dream prize of 300 thousand reais. And all this without being eliminated (“blocked”, in terms of the game) by any of the influencers, that is, the two most popular profiles in each round of evaluations.

After completing their initial registration on the platform (using a single profile photo and a few personal information), participants can chat with each other via general or private chats. Everything is made even more interesting by a small great detail: since the players do not interact personally, everyone can be whoever they want, from yourself to a totally fake profile.

Among all the participants who passed through this season, were sincere in their profiles or changed little information: Raphael Dumaresq, Marina Gregory, Gabriel Moraes (Gaybol), Lorayne Oliver, João Akel, JP Gadêlha, Rayssa Santos, Renan Marconi and the first blocked, Ana Carla. Among them, were Paloma Lisboa as the reserved Lucas, Raf Vilar as the feminist Ana, Rob Vulcan as the “aunt” Julia and the twins Lucas and Marcel Blazute as the Acre Luma.

The Brazilian version achieved great popularity with the national and international public, even with a later release than the American version. Among many analyzes on such highlight, a great positive point for the Brazilian side was the diversity in the cast. Different regions of the country, professions, sexualities, personalities and ways of expressing themselves were traits noted in the group, which generated not only wealth in relationships and dialogues, but also produced the intrigues so loved by the public and less present in the American version.

The Brazilians gave themselves up to the dynamics of the game and managed, little by little, to get rid of a hunt for and go to a more complex game, in which not always who is real, is true with the other.

The fact is, for both card-carrying fans and first-time viewers, it is a good option for those who want to have some fun and a great recommendation to marathon during the quarantine period. Amid Gio Ewbank’s comments and the “pearls” of each player, it is certainly a great bet to have a good laugh and entertain you at home.

And for a finish worthy of influencing: “Circle, send!”.

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