The Chosen One | First impressions

 The Chosen One |  First impressions

The chosen, the new national production of Netflix, arrives as one of the great launching of the streaming service of the year, some names known to the public, but turns out to be the famous “good (mysterious and thought-provoking!) idea, but with a failed execution ”. But, we have already made it very clear here, The chosen has many merits.

The streaming service series delivers an addictive and extremely marathonable production, in which the mysteries and secrets that surround the population of the city of Aguazul help to compose the dense and gloomy atmosphere that is presented in the first episodes. The chosen has a super interesting story that takes us into a Pantanal full of legends and rituals, and that should arouse the viewer’s curiosity with a plot that unites supernatural aspects, with debates about religiosity, faith and science.

But, the series suffers from the old problem of some national productions, the hard text, the performances a bit in a cast, the strange and unnatural phrases, where even the talented Paloma Bernardi, who leads the cast and has a good experience in soap operas, kind of leaves a little to be desired. Like this, The chosen manages to join a cast that gives more theatrical airs to the production, where the highlights are with the actor Renan Tanca, the Chosen One who gives the series its name, who gets his hands on the construction of the mysterious character, and Tuna Dwek, like Zulmira, one of the local leaders. But, even with this kind of theater play, the production of The chosen it seems like you don’t know very well how to enjoy it all, and most of the interactions between the characters are the weak points of the episodes we’ve seen so far.

The chosen, on the other hand, is guaranteed to be able to create a whole super interesting environment, by playing the viewer within the reality that the series proposes, where a group of doctors, doctors with very different personalities, Lucia (Bernadi), Damião (Pedro Caetano) and Enzo (Gutto Szuster who seems to have fun with his character) arrive in an isolated village in the interior of Brazil to vaccinate the population, until they discover that residents who never get sick adore a mystical entity called The Chosen One.

The first episodes take a long time to effectively show us the character of the Chosen One, where the series takes a long time also to introduce us to its plot, characters, and get into gear. The viewer needs patience to try to fit the pieces, and the clues that the show gives us, and always seems to lead us to a snake figure with the symbol of infinity. In this first wave of chapters, we know, then, in addition to the trio of doctors who have their past told in quick flashbacks throughout the episodes, the leader of the locals Mateus (Mariano Martins, well and in the best wolf style in sheep’s clothing), the villager Vicente (Aury Porto) and the fun Silvino (Francisco Gaspar) that serves as a guide for the group of doctors.

The duo’s script Carolina Munhóz and Raphael Draccon right to create a feeling of latent mystery, where the text presents us with questions and inquiries of the most diverse types, in the best style of the series Lost (the jaguar takes the place of the Polar Bear), with complex characters who always seem to have some hidden reason to do, or say, something. And, we repeat again, in The chosenit also seems to lack something, a certain concern and care with what is delivered, some kind of refinement in how the actors will deliver the text and interact with each other, and with their characters on screen.

The chosen seems to choose between being and having a good suspense story, and not really knowing how to tell it. Of the five episodes we saw, the plot really hitched at 1 × 03, entitled The RelicBefore that, everything seemed like a big and exhaustive prologue. And even if the balance was positive, The chosen it turns out to be like entering a dense forest, the path may be tortuous for some at first, but soon you get used to it, and we hope that by the end of the season, the experience has at least been worth it.

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The chosen arrives on Netflix on June 28.