The Big Bang Theory | 12 × 18 – The Laureate Accumulation

 The Big Bang Theory |  12 × 18 - The Laureate Accumulation

At every step towards your series finale, The Big Bang Theory makes us a formal farewell to the characters, bringing some very interesting plots to be addressed, while still showing us loving moments and memories of previous seasons’ passages.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

For the time being Leonard, Sheldon, Penny and Amy have stayed on top of the fact that two scientists are almost winning the Nobel on the theory of the two, and they appear on Ellen only makes them even more tense. The coolest moment was seeing Sheldon wanting Leonard to tell him to “shut up” when he exaggerates, because he really wants his meeting with some Nobel laureates not to hinder his plans, especially for Amy.

Very cool to see countless scientists and people with Nobel beside them, as well as the arrival of Kevin and Greg at the university event. He swore that it would be Sheldon who would not be able to concentrate and put them in their places, but he understands that he must not say anything, looks at Leonard and out of nowhere it is Amy who freaks with them, calling him impostors.

I don’t know what the end of this drama will be, but it’s cool to keep up, especially the way they need to develop in order to grow.

Now, Bernadette listening to Howard’s story for her children and asking Stuart to make an illustration book, it was a really cool thing to see, and I confess I wanted to see him released. Howard’s reaction was hilarious, as he was afraid that he would become a laughing stock, even though it was when he went into space.

For Stuart it would be an advance to have a book of illustrations published, since they liked the story. Howard ends up accepting not for his friend, but for the way Bernadette tells him that it would be very nice to see her husband as an example, who was very afraid to go to space, but swallowed them, along with the people’s mockery, and did the job he should. So fear cannot be an obstacle to be realized.

The Big Bang Theory once again bringing us something cool, without forgetting its essentials and making us reflect. Unfortunately they could address the evolution of other characters, like Leonard, who remains unsalted all the time…