The Big Bang Theory | 12 × 17 – The Conference Valuation

 The Big Bang Theory |  12 × 17 - The Conference Valuation

The Big Bang Theory focuses on Penny and Bernadette’s relationship, and puts the other characters to “experiment” with her children with Howard, which raises doubts in Leonard.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

It was nice to see Bernadette and Penny dealing with the professional and personal relationship, mainly because of the way they handle their work so fiercely. Penny manages to make her salespeople cry, while Bernadette scolds Penny.

At the drug fair, they fall out over a job offer made to Penny, but they soon resolve. I like the way the series deals with the girls’ relationship and I love these episodes focused on them.

Taking care of the children, Howard managed to get all his friends to stay home with him, and Sheldon found the perfect excuse to spend time with them: experimenting. Using child behavior science. The series focused on Sheldon’s fun, but it was Leonard who was embarrassed, as he saw that his childhood was “guinea pig” in Beverly’s experiments, which he did not talk about.

But the best dialogue was for Amy and Raj, who soon understood the purpose of Sheldon’s wife, and she kept showing her friend that his plan worked. She wanted to show Sheldon that having a child can be interesting, but she soon realized that she may have to become a farrier if it depends on her husband, since Sheldon wants at least 7 children …

The Big Bang Theory he continued to play with the development of his characters, it was a little less comical, but he puts the plots in a cool place for this last year.