The Big Bang Theory | 12 × 13 – The Confirmation Polarization

 The Big Bang Theory |  12 × 13 - The Confirmation Polarization

The Big Bang Theory has been showing well the consequences of Sheldon and Amy’s studies, and the way they react to their sudden rise. Another thing that they finally came back to is Penny’s work, and nothing better than putting her next to Bernadete…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Penny is comfortable selling a product, only now Bernadette has managed to get one of the products that she does the project through the Ministry of Health, thus releasing a new anti-inflammatory, the question is that she wants Penny to be her head of sales. It was fun to see her doing everything to convince her friend, while she ran away, knowing the difficulty in dealing with her personality.

In the end we see that Bernadette got what she wanted and to see Penny leading her team with a firm pulse and her boss pruning her in the end, it was really cool.

Now, the main focus of the project is that 2 physicists “managed to prove” the theory of Amy and Sheldon and went to talk to him, only Leonard, Raj and Howard remind them that they may have written and thought about the theory, but if Dr. Campbell and Dr. Pemberton (holdings of Kal Penn and Sean Astin) prove the theory, they who should win the Nobel.

Sheldon not knowing where to go, being considered to join the trio and leave Amy aside, everything was so cool and showed the character’s maturity, something that is good to see in this stage of the series, since we are heading towards the end of it. Sheldon going to talk to the dean to keep between him and Amy the project showed his.

The Big Bang Theory it has everything to end very well and I hope the characters have a nice ending.