The Big Bang Theory | 12 × 12 – The Propagation Proposition

 The Big Bang Theory |  12 × 12 - The Propagation Proposition

Then The Big Bang Theory the development of Raj and Anu’s plot continues and it was very interesting to see how they worked things out between them. Of course, they need to deal with an arranged marriage and trust, and speaking of trust, would Leonard be prepared to be a father?

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Raj ran out of time to get Anu back and I loved seeing how his father was more concerned with the dowry money than with his son and the reason for the end of the marriage. Lie, his father even thought about it initially, but the series knew how to be emotional and put Raj’s father thinking about his son’s happiness and wanting the best for him.

The most important were the conversations between Raj and Anu and the way she was hurt by him, and in the same way she could see that he was sorry for the things said. In the end they will have a new meeting, start things over again, without the rush of the arranged marriage. Let’s see how you deal with them.

I laughed too much at Zach’s return and now he is a millionaire wanting Leonard to be the father of his son, being a donor, since he cannot be a father. The cool thing was to see him think of Leonard and show affection and pride for Penny’s boyfriend, who was desperate and unresponsive.

He hoped she would rethink the fact that she didn’t want to have a child, but she thought more about Leonard and still had great conversations with Bernadette and Amy. Leonard dreams of becoming a father, but I don’t know how far having a child would satisfy him.

The Big Bang Theory it reaches half of its final season, we will see how the series will go until the end, saying goodbye to its characters and giving plots a little more dramatic, a style that I had already embraced.