The best films with Adam Sandler to enjoy Saturday

The best films with Adam Sandler to enjoy Saturday

The actor Adam Sandler is the subject of many controversies involving his artistic ability. Many people consider that, for many times having played the same roles (of funny father, for example), that Sandler is a bad actor. However, the artist has already “shut up” a lot of people and, even if he has not reached his maximum potential, he is pleased with the film itself. Check out the 5 best movies with Adam Sandler.

The 5 best films with Adam Sandler

1. (2019)

In this film by brothers Josh and Ben Safdie, Adam Sandler plays Howard Ratner, an ambitious New York jeweler. However, after a risky bet, Ratner needs to do everything to keep his money, balancing business, family and enemies.

For his performance in, Adam Sandler won the Independent Spirit Award for ‘Best Actor’, one of the most important in independent cinema.

2. (2002)

In, by Paul Thomas Anderson, Adam Sandler demonstrated that he is a great actor in dramatic films.

In the work, Sandler plays businessman Barry Egan, a shy and lonely man. However, several situations change your life, such as the passion for a friend of your sister and the meeting with a blackmailer.

The film was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, in addition to winning the ‘Best Director’ award at the same event.

3. (2017)

In yet another drama, Adam Sandler surprises by playing Danny, the son of a famous sculptor who joins his brothers to prepare a retrospective of his father’s work.

The film, directed by Noah Baumbach, was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

4. (2006)

This comedy, directed by Frank Coraci, tells the story of Michael Newman, a successful architect who is frustrated with his work. One day, when he finds a control that controls the time, he uses the device for different situations. However, he finds himself in an unpleasant situation, starting to want to reverse what he did.

5. (2010)

Directed by Dennis Dugan, the film tells the story of friends who meet after the basketball coach’s death during his childhood. Now, with children, they decide to spend the holidays together with their families.