The Audax trio brings a positive message with “Vibe” in partnership with Enkode

The Audax trio brings a positive message with “Vibe” in partnership with Enkode

After countless successful releases like “Stars”, “Lose My Mind”, and “Don’t Wanna Wake Up”, the trio Audax presents its new collaboration: “Vibe”, in partnership with the talented Enkode. With almost 400 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, the trio conquers the clues wherever it goes, and this union with Enkode could not come at a better time.

In the midst of the pandemic crisis and social distance, the two projects launch “Vibe” that carries a positive and loving message. Even though it does not have a classic sound and outfit of a “love song”, the track exudes good feelings and brings out the best of its respective producers.

“We met through Dazzo, who introduced us and introduced the idea of ​​the track. After several conversations and exchanges of ‘stickers’, and of course, several versions, we arrived at a final result that pleased everyone. She is a ‘love song’, trying to get out of the most obvious, with a different outfit than love songs ”

tells the Audax trio.

With great baggage, the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Samuel Marques is better known as Enkode. After releasing the song “Black and White” by Sony Music Brasil, the artist joined the talented trio Audax for this newest release.

“Vibe was a track that I composed the initial idea a long time ago! I met the boys in a coincidence. One day I talked to Dazzo and he was at Audax’s studio, and he ended up rolling this bridge. I presented the idea of ​​the track and they liked it very much. From then on, it was a production made 99% at a distance, with a single meeting in the studio and several different versions, until reaching this final ”

adds Enkode.

His career in the world of music completes more than a decade, full of experiences in different styles, from MPB to pop. In this way, Enkode seeks to innovate in the national electronic music scene, exploring new combinations of various types.

The trio Audax has a slightly different trajectory. André and Pedro, twins, started playing guitar in their teens. João, three years younger, followed them, but on bass.

The difference has always been to have a band background, with organic instruments. But the union of these forces created “Vibe”, which you can listen to available on all streaming platforms.