The arcade race is back! New Xenon Racer launch trailer is now available

 The arcade race is back!  New Xenon Racer launch trailer is now available

The arcade race is back!SOEDESCO has just revealed a spectacular launch trailer for the futuristic game Xenon Racer.

Tomorrow, Xenon Racer will cross the finish line marking its long-awaited launch, and will be available for the Playstation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, the console family of Xbox one including Xbox One X, and also for the Nintendo Switch in physical and digital media. The game will also be available on Steam.

As shown in the trailer, the game brings an enormous amount of customization options and satisfying mechanics to the vehicles. In addition to being able to change the appearance of the car with livery’s and skis, players can also change several parts to change the statistics and performance of their vehicle. Each of the tracks has different requirements, so players will have to find out which car and which parts are most efficient to reach maximum speed. And not least: drift. Drift and boosting are not just ‘cool’ features of Xenon Racer, they are absolutely necessary to be able to rank high on the leaderboards.

Xenon Racer offers rich and vibrant graphics, all created using Unreal Engine. The elegant design of futuristic cars was created by Marcelo Raeli, known for his work with brands such as Subaru, Ferrari and Koenigsegg. Xenon Racer has a performance mode and a quality mode, both working in 4K resolution. In quality mode, the graphics settings are at their highest level and the frame rate never drops below 30 FPS. In performance mode, some of the graphics settings are at a lower level to ensure a constant 60 FPS.

Xenon Racer will be released tomorrow, March 26th.