The Animal Revolution will get Netflix Original adaptation

The Animal Revolution will get Netflix Original adaptation

It’s confirmed: Netflix has acquired the rights to produce its own adaptation of The Animal Revolution, one of George Orwell’s most iconic novels, and Andy Serkis is already confirmed for the direction and production of the film that will be shot in partnership with Imaginarium .

Serkis has owned the book since 2012, originally planned to be a TV series, but recently Netflix signed an agreement with the director, including acquiring the rights to the Warner Bros. Mowgli project, less than three months before its release. in the cinema and now the film will go straight to the streaming service next year.

As for The Animal Revolution, it is not the first time that the book will be adapted: in 1999, a version was produced, with John Stephenson signing the direction and even earlier, in 1956, there was even an animated film. From 1945, the story is an allegory of Stalinist Russia that shows animals rebelling against humans and their mistreatment, adopting on the farm a rule of equality for all animals.

“We are incredibly excited to have finally found the perfect creative home on Netflix for this extraordinarily witty work by George Orwell,” says Serkis in a statement.

It is not yet certain whether the film will also be released in theaters, but you can read more about other film adaptations while we await news of the new version of The Animal Revolution.