“The action scenes were made to be as real as possible” says director of Aves de Rapina at a press conference!

“The action scenes were made to be as real as possible” says director of Aves de Rapina at a press conference!

After the panel on CCXP last night, today (6) it was the turn of the cast of Birds of Prey, the producers, and the director of the feature talked more about the film, in a much quieter environment than the noisy auditorium Cinemark.

Like this Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Wintead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Ella Jay Basco and Rosie Perez commented on their participation in the feature, the difficulties in recording, and of course the relaxed moments they spent together.

Asked about the action scenes, which played a key role in the mid-year re-recordings, Yan said the moments had been worked out to be “As real as possible”. Yan stated that the idea in Birds of prey was to be a film without many special effects, according to her “we’ve already seen superheroes with covers and stuffed with CGI, now it’s time to show a Gotham City but grounded, and colorful ” nudges the director.

But Yan guarantees Birds of prey there will be many scenes of explosions, and a lot of scenes where the actresses do not spare the blows. In the scenes we saw on the panel the night before, they showed much more realistic and visceral choreography. And Yan confirmed that that was the intention.

The actresses trained and prepared for months for the recordings, where Yan made a point of recording the cut scenes. Yan further stated that the actresses did not use stunt doubles in many of the scenes.

Margot Robbie commented that all the characters have separate fight scenes and throughout the film they combine their group skills to combat the threat of the film.

Robbie also commented on what he said on the panel about not being prepared to abandon the character. Harlequin comes from a DC universe already established in cinema, but which has suffered harsh criticism from the public and critics, but that the studio has been reversing the situation since Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam!

And when asked what it was like to be part of this family of superheroes Yan and the cast were super categorical “It is an honor” said the director. The actress Rosie Perez who plays the detective Reene Montoya said it is “Very proud to be part of the cast”, and ends “It is extraordinary”.

On Birds of prey being a film that strikes the key of the importance of a story focused on female characters, Perez said that “birds of prey” are “Complex women who are not objectified.” And the colleague Jurnee Smollett-Bell complete stating that it was interesting to use their bodies to fight without being objectified as well.

During the press conference, the actresses commented that they wanted to show real women, who are full of flaws, and flaws. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who interprets the Huntress states “They are far from perfect (…) they want to be better … and improve with their mistakes”.

Birds of Prey – Harlequin and its Fabulous Emancipation in Brazil, and is scheduled to debut in February 2020.