The Abominable Homem das Neves is the newest guest of Escape Hotel Moema

The Abominable Homem das Neves is the newest guest of Escape Hotel Moema

If for decades, researchers and enthusiasts have been looking for evidence about the existence of the Yeti, now there is no doubt about it: it exists and is in the Escape Hotel, ready to perhaps devour anyone who dares to enter his ice kingdom on the way to Mount Everest.

Set in a Tibetan temple in which players are an experienced group of climbers seeking shelter during an avalanche, the room is unprecedented in the world and has a script full of twists, as well as scenography and incredible puzzles that lead to total immersion in the game. in the frozen Yeti universe. Another innovation, for this and other escape rooms of both Escape Hotel units, is that now the story is presented by characters and not by monitors anymore – thus ensuring an even more complete and interactive entertainment experience.

For those who love escape games, love a good challenge and are not afraid of (maybe) becoming a monster snack, The Abominable Snowman it’s guaranteed fun for the family, rain, shine or snow. The adventure lasts an hour and the room can accommodate 2 to 8 people. Children up to 11 years old can also play, but must be accompanied by an adult. From the age of 12, the class can play alone.

THE Escape Hotel Moema it is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, including holidays, from 10 am to 0 am, on Avenida Miruna 770, in the south of the city of São Paulo. Reservations to have fun with the dreaded Yeti can be made on the website or phone 11. 3637-0007.